Safari Experiences

Dusty Footprints’ collection of Safari Experiences provides you with a variety of high-quality, privately guided, authentic South African safari holidays. The underlying theme across the options is that of wilderness connectivity, eco-awareness and the highest standard of nature guiding. We predominantly focus on safer wildlife with a focus on conservation and eco-awareness. South Africa’s most iconic wildlife, but the often overlooked and neglected little stuff, all the while helping you connect with nature in a very real and natural way. Whether it is your first safari or your 100th, we want to have a safari experience that you will never forget.

Please note that certain safari experiences are on fixed dates while others are more flexible. Similarly, certain safari experiences require a minimum of 5 guests while others are more flexible. All have a maximum limit of 8 guests. You are ready to go out of the way. Please contact us for more information and possible flexibility. We are looking forward to hearing from you!